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Sleeveless Draped Vest

Sleeveless drape vest with fixed drape mould. Fabric: Worsted wool, Hand moulded heat reactive felt, Heavy weight jersey

Shoulder Armour

Hand moulded heat reactive felt sculpted with red wool jersey. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt & Wool Jersey

Drapped Shoulder Armour

Hand-finished drapped shoulder top mould. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt & Ribbed Crepe Jersey

Shoulder Brace Armour

Hand Moulded Power boy shoulder brace armour. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt, tulle

Right Shoulder Armour embroidered with Swarovski Crystal.

Right shoulder & torso mould, hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals, leather black fastening Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt

Left shoulder Armour with Leather Fastening

Left shoulder & torso mould with leather black fastening. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt

Hand crafted drape mould.

Hand-crafted drape mould. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt & Fine Tulle

Right Shoulder Armour

Right shoulder & torso mould, leather black fastening. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt

Hand Embroidered with Swarovski crystal left shoulder mould.

Left shoulder moulded accessory, hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals, leather black strap fastening. Fabric: Heat Reactive Felt